Automatically recover any future capital withheld under a reserve or a hold

How it works.

Once you apply, you'll get an offer to advance the capital withheld on a daily-basis under a reserve or a hold. We'll directly deposit this funding into your bank account based on the funds withheld from the previous day so you can restore your business' operating margins.

Once the locked capital is released back into your bank account, we'll collect the amount advanced plus our fees.

Free your constraints

Stay on target

Scale without bounds


What can I use this service for?

Rolling Reserve
A rolling reserve is where a portion of your transaction volume is held from you for a fixed period of time on a rolling-basis. This restricts the cash flow and margins available for you to maintain and scale your business. We feel that this is an extremely unfair practice, so we created a solution to help. 

Example: Stripe is holding 15% of your transaction volume for 90-days. Let's say you make a sale for $100 on Day 1 of the reserve. Of that sale, $15 is locked in a reserve account for 90 days before being released back to you, which means it will release on day 91. Let's say you make another $100 sale on Day 2. The $15 from that sale will not be available to you until Day 92. This continues on for the entire 90-day duration. The 15% withheld on Day 65 of the reserve will not be available until Day 155, and so on and so forth. With Continuous, you'll have access to this reserved capital in one day instead of 90-days!
Future Reserves or Payout Holds
If you've ever provided a service or sold anything online, you may be familiar with the notorious payout holds and reserves used by payments platforms or marketplaces. Whether you're a first-time seller or a seasoned veteran, having this capital withheld from you is a burden. With Conqr, you can scale in peace knowing we've got you covered.

Example: You own an eCommerce brand in a niche audience and discovered fantastic product-market fit. You reinvested all of your profits and started building a community of loyal customers. Maybe you took out a loan, cash advance, or line-of-credit to help fund your growth. Things are going great! Then, all of a sudden, PayPal froze your funds. With no explanation, you suddenly don't have enough capital to pay for advertising, inventory, or payroll. Your heart sinks, you feel betrayed and grow fearful that all of your hard work is about to shatter right before your very eyes. With Continuous, we'll unlock this frozen capital and any other capital withheld from you on an ongoing basis so you never have to worry about this again!

Just three simple steps.

Connect your business accounts, get funded, and scale without bounds

1. Sync your accounts
We integrate with the top banking and commerce platforms to make your application process smooth and simple. All you have to do is connect your accounts and tell us a bit about yourself and your business
2. Control your cash flow
We'll unlock your reserve or payout hold so you can keep growing your business. Choose between a one-time lump-sum or a continuous daily deposit against any future capital withheld
3. Focus on your business
Reinvest your working capital and keep doing what you do best. We'll automatically collect our advance and fees once the reserved funds are released. Our fees are based on how long the capital was withheld so you're always getting the best deal